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Unique circular designs by Donut Maker

Unique circular designs by Donut Maker - Techronology

Besides the standard stuff, the Donut Maker online app by Techronology also allows you to create unique circular designs.

Overview of unique circular designs

As you may know, the Donut Maker has at least 15 design types. The basic ones, such as chevrons and arrows, are commonly used in corporate workplaces. You will see regular-type donut designs in many PowerPointUnique circular designs by Donut Maker presentations.

However, there are times when you want to achieve another level of creativity. That is when our unique designs come in-hand. We consider them unique because you rarely see them in presentations or marketing materials.

Unique and fancy

Faces, cars, sharks, hearts, and feet donut maker types - Techronology

Below are five Donut Maker types that we consider unique or fancy.

  • Cars
  • Faces
  • Feet
  • Hearts
  • Sharks

Now, with these types of designs, some may think puzzles are unique and fancy, or some other style. Overall, that is okay.

Swirls, squiggly, and torn unique circular designs from the Donut Maker - Techronology

In addition to the five above types, the following types are also unique too, but they took less time to create.

  • Squiggly
  • Swirl
  • Torn

So, out of the 15 donut types, we think of 8 styles as unique.

Creation time

Say if someone asks you at work to create a donut design with 8 pieces in PowerPoint. Depending on the type, it may take you a few hours to create. On the other hand, the Donut Maker does the difficult stuff for you. Simply select your type, save it, and make changes in the design program of your choice.

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