Bubble Dip Match

Bubble Dip Match (or BDM) is a fun and colorful online game that will help you use your mind.

Overview of Bubble Dip Match

BDM is a memory matching game, just like Concentration. Although we do not time you, there are factors that will help you achieve a good score. For the most part, the main factor is consecutive matches. Achieving back-to-back matches will boost your score tremendously.

Of course, you still get good points for each match you make. Heck, you get points for almost everything you do in BDM. However, that is not always a good thing. For example, we give points for each pick or click, but too many clicks will reduce your bonus in the end.


To play BDM, all you need is an Internet connection.

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Levels of BDM

Overall, there are five levels to BDM. Between each level is a bonus round.

Take a look at the progression. In level 5, that is when all the pieces come out to play. By the way, do not think about restarting the game, and getting the same character positions. No one game, or level, is the same.

Bubble Dip Match - Level 1 - Techronology

Bubble Dip Match - Level 2 - Techronology

Bubble Dip Match - Level 3 - Techronology

Bubble Dip Match - Level 4 - Techronology

Bubble Dip Match - Level 5 - Techronology

Scoring system

Firstly, BDM starts with base scoring points. After that, you learn how to boost your score as your play. Moreover, you find out how your play influences the final bonus.

Below are tables representing the base scoring systems for BDM.

Levels base scoring table

Level Matches
Level base

Bonus base scoring table

Bonus Matches

Total base score = 205500 + 68000 = 273500

Additional scoring

Other ways to score include, making consecutive matches and mixed matches. Also, regardless of your performance, you get a bonus at the end.

Consecutive matches

Back-to-back matches will get you additional points.

Mixed matches

If you match bubbles of different sizes, then you get extra points.

End of game bonus

At the end of the game, you get bonus points for the following ratios: matches-to-misses, matches-to-picks, and misses-to-picks.

The big bonus

To really get a super bonus, have a low miss count after the game. That will make your score go crazy..

Game pieces

Bubble Dip Match - Game pieces - Techronology

There are a total of 22 game pieces in Bubble Dip Match. Also, they all come out to play, in the final level.

Sample game

Bubble Dip Match - Sample game I - Techronology

This game shows you how more misses than matches will influence your final score.

High score

Bubble Dip Match - Sample game I - Techronology

You really have to be in the zone, and a little lucky, to achieve a final score of this value. Only 61 misses. Now, that is what you call concentration.

Full play videos

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