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Our software at Techronology helps you complete all types of projects.

Our software at Techronology helps you complete all types of projects - Techronology

Software library

Below, are all the software tools and online apps we have for you to use and enjoy. Although we arrange them by category, you can use them for multiple purposes.

Design tools

If you want to design something nice, then check out some of the tools below.

The Donut Maker online design tool - Techronology

The Donut Maker

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Gender Pop - Techronology

Gender Pop

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Artplotty Grid 21 - Techronology

Artplotty Grid 21

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Calendars and productivity tools

Stay organized with these calendars and productivity tools.

Dynamic Yearly Calendar - Techronology

Dynamic Yearly Calendar Vintage

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Ultimate Monthly Calendar - Techronology

Ultimate Monthly Calendar Vintage

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The bigger picture

Yeah, we know you want to see the bigger picture of some of our tools and apps. No problem. So, here you go…

Artplotty Grid 21

Artplotty Grid 21

Artplotty Grid 21 is an online app that allows you to create designs with numbers. In addition, it can function as a learning tool. For example, teachers can teach students about shapes, symmetry, and other techniques related to math. Or, you may want to challenge yourself, and create a house. Overall, a great way to be creative while using your brain.

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Dynamic Yearly Calendar

Dynamic Yearly Calendar

We created the Dynamic Yearly Calendar many years ago. And, it goes up to the year 2400. Therefore, it lasts forever. Well, technically. This calendar tool is part of our vintage collection. You are free to do what you want with it. Being that it is a product for Excel, you can do some great building with it.

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Ultimate Monthly Calendar

Ultimate Monthly Calendar

Ah man! You already know what it is. The Ultimate Monthly Calendar is a great Excel tool, part of our vintage collection. It was developed years ago, and is free for you to update as you wish. Oh, do you see the calendar miniatures? Um, um, um.

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