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Techronology software helps you with your design and productivity projects and assignments.

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Create art with numbers - Techronology

Artplotty Grid 21

Learn AP GridArtplotty Grid

Gender Pop for Excel - Techronology

Gender Pop for Excel Vintage

Gender Pop for Excel

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Calendars and productivity tools

It is easy to stay organized with these calendars and productivity tools. Now, some of these tools are part of our vintage collection. However, they age like fine wine. Also, many of the software tools are open source. Meaning, you can make adjustments to the software itself. Make it your own.

Yearly calendar lasts forever - Techronology

Dynamic Yearly Calendar

See Yearly Calendar

Office Calendar with slide miniatures - Techronology

Office Calendar

Office Calendar

Charting tools

Most of our charting tools are done in Excel. Moreover, some of the charts are very creative. Basically, you can think of them as creative analytics.

Squiggly Donuts Excel chart - Techronology

Squiggly Donuts Excel chart

Get Squiggly chart

Marimekko charting tool - Techronology

The Marimekko

Marimekko chart

Excel chart library - Techronology

Excel chart library

Excel chart library

Experiments and lab projects

We really look at our experiments as tools we did not think the initial part would work. But, it did. Therefore, we leave it up to you to finish the development process. Perhaps, you will come up with something great. It is all open source. So, enjoy!

Thermometer tool for Excel - Experiment - Techronology

Thermometer tool for Excel Vintage

Thermometer tool

Open Door sales commission - Techronology

Open Door sales commission Vintage

Get Open Door commission

Open Door payroll - Techronology

Open Door payroll Vintage

Get Open Door Payroll

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