Play a game, relax, and have some fun

Techronology develops games, so you can relax, have fun, and even strengthen your mind.

Games people play

Games people play, games people play… You really have to sing it, to enjoy it.

Games we make

At Techronology, we love playing and making games. Below are some of the games we make.

Online or desktop

So, we have both online and desktop games for you to enjoy.

Online gamesDesktop games

Old school games

Um, um, um. For you cool fools who enjoy old school, check out some of these vintage games.

These games are by other creators. You may need to configure some of these games on your PC.

Ms Pac-Man - Techronology
Pac-PC - Techronology
Crystal Caves - Techronology
Duke Nukem II - Techronology
Epic Pinball - Techronology
Highway Hunter - Techronology
Mario Bros - Techronology
Xargon - Techronology

Click on the button below to view and download all of the old school games on Techronology.

Old school games

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