Old school PC games

Old school PC games

On the whole, we love games, including, old school PC games. If you love them too, then this is the place for you.

Collection of old school PC games

So, you are free to download any of these games, for free. Some of these games seem to never go out of style. For the most part, these games are for DOS. However, you can use a DOS emulator. Overall, we suggest DOSBox. But, it is up to you, which one you want to use.

The list

Below are some games from our collection. Therefore, feel free to download them and play at your leisure. Also, click on the learn more button to get more information about a game.

Old school PC games - Ms Pacman
Ms. Pacman (Real clone)

Learn Ms. Pacman  Download Ms. Pacman

DOS game - Pacman (Real clone)
Pacman (Real clone)

Download Pacman

Old school PC games - Mario Bros
Mario Bros (Real clone)

Learn Marios Bros  Download Mario Bros

DOS game - Highway Hunter
Highway Hunter

Download Highway Hunter

Old school PC games - Duke Nukem I
Duke Nukem I

Download Duke Nukem I

DOS game - Duke Nukem II
Duke Nukem II

Download Duke Nukem II

Old school PC games - Ack! Man
Ack! Man

Download Ack! Man

DOS game - Eat It
Eat It

Download Eat It

Old school PC games - Epic Pinball
Epic Pinball

Download Epic Pinball

DOS game - CD-Man

Download CD-Man

Old school PC games - Jill of the Jungle
Jill of the Jungle

Download Jill of the Jungle

DOS game - PC Bert
PC Bert

Download PC Bert

Old school PC games - Starfire

Download Starfire

DOS game - Super Tetris
Super Tetris

Download Super Tetris

Old school PC games - Xargon

Download Xargon

DOS game - Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves

Download Crystal Caves


So, to play these games, you either need a system that has DOS, or a DOS emulator. Overall, we suggest DOSBox. However, there are others out there you may have in mind.

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Thank you and enjoy!

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