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Design tools to help you with your creative projects.

Design tools to help you with your creative projects - Techronology

PowerPoint stuff

Many people use PowerPoint (or PPT) for business and for personal use. Techronology designs all types of creative stuff in PPT.

Sample PowerPoint covers

So, if you design a PPT presentation, especially for a pitch to a client, then you should put a cover on it. Below, are some of our professional PPT cover designs for various clients. We are generally given short time constraints for each cover. Like, less than a day. This includes multiple versions and section dividers. Therefore, we think they came out great.

For the most part, you cannot download the PPT version of these covers. However, feel free to view and copy the larger image, for inspiration in your own work.

Click on the button below to view all of our sample cover designs.

All PowerPoint covers

Design tools

Our design tools make it easier for you to create stuff.

The Donut Maker online design tool - Techronology

The Donut Maker

So, you spend hours of your time on one circular design. Well, the Donut Maker helps you with that task, tremendously. And, we have many donut types for you to choose. Keep in mind, we consider these pieces artistic. Therefore, you may see a minor imperfection, here or there. No worries, though. It adds more flavor to the design. Enjoy!

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Gender Pop - Techronology

Gender Pop

Gender Pop is a creative charting tool that allows you to easily compare gender-based data. Moreover, it is a very simple online app. Now, if you are ambitious, you can use this app to do all types of comparisons. In other words, it does not have to be women-to-men comparisons only. For now, we will leave that one up to you.

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Artplotty Grid 21 - Techronology

Artplotty Grid 21

Artplotty Grid 21 is a very basic software app that allows you to design art and objects with numbers. Believe it or not, it is a great way to relax and get away from stress. We guess you can say, it is therapeutic.

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Sample designs by the Donut Maker

Below are some sample designs we created, using the Donut Maker online app. When we do these designs, we tend to use the app to create the initial design. After that, we spice it up a little, in PowerPoint or another program.

Sample donut design 1 - Techronology
Sample donut design 2 - Techronology
Sample donut design 3 - Techronology
Sample donut design 4 - Techronology
Sample donut design 5 - Techronology
Sample donut design 6 - Techronology
Sample donut design 7 - Techronology
Sample donut design 8 - Techronology

If you want to see more samples of electronic donut designs, then click on the button below.

Sample donuts

Sample Artplotty Grid 21 designs

Here are some sample Artplotty Grid 21 designs. Believe it or not, it is very therapeutic and calming to use numbers to create art. Enjoy!

Sample Artplotty design 1 - Techronology
Sample Artplotty design 2 - Techronology
Sample Artplotty design 3 - Techronology
Sample Artplotty design 4 - Techronology

More samples

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