Design tools for your projects

Techronology believes in helping you through your projects with design tools and custom PowerPoint slides.

Design tools and custom PowerPoint slides for your projects - Techronology

Design tools and custom PowerPoint slides for your projects - Techronology

Design tools

Our design tools are very simple to use. They help you a lot with your initial design. After that, you can use them in PowerPoint or other design programs to finish your project.

Online design apps

Below are some of our online design apps.

Design samples

So, we know you want to see some design samples from some of our creative apps.

Sample PowerPoint covers - Techronology

PowerPoint covers

We have many sample PowerPoint (or PPT) cover designs for our clients in various industries.

PPT coversPPT home

Artplotty samples - Techronology

Artplotty samples

These sample creations from Artplotty Grid 21 show you kinds of art you can create with numbers.

Artplotty samples

Donut Maker samples - Techronology

Donut Maker samples

Using the Donut Maker to assist in the creation of these samples helps reduce design time.

Donut Maker samples

The Graphics Power Diskette

So, we designed and developed the Graphics Power Diskette many years ago. It is a demo of the graphic features in BASIC. You get to see examples like, line styles, paint tiles, animation, and other stuff we easily do today. Some of the stuff we probably take for granted today. This is where it all started.

Graphics Power Demo - Intro screen - Techronology
Graphics Power Demo - Main menu - Techronology
Graphics Power Demo - Flying saucer - Techronology
Graphics Power Demo - Clown face - Techronology

To see more of this good old school stuff, click on the button below. Vintage

Graphics Power Diskette

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