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Techronology delivers nice products to you, in three great ways – design, software, and games.


PowerPoint cover pages

When you create something interesting, you should put a nice cover on it. A good PowerPoint cover page will work just fine. Feel free to check out all the styles.

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PowerPoint donuts

Donut designs are very popular in presentations. So, we use the Donut Maker app to easily generate donuts. After that, we spice them up a little in PowerPoint.

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PowerPoint donut design 1

PowerPoint donut design 2

PowerPoint donut design 3


The Donut Maker

The Donut Maker is an online app that allows you to create many types of donut designs. Overall, these donuts are a great way to show information to any size audience, in any industry. The only problem is, you cannot eat them. Well…

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Chart library

So, we have many charts. Mostly, Excel charts. However, you will see charts for other apps on the Techronology site too. All you have to do is, download them and start working.

Chart library

Chart group 1
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Excel tools

Excel is a widely used software program, whether for business or for personal purposes. The good part for you is that, we have a lot of Excel tools for you to use and enjoy.

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Ultimate Monthly Calendar - Select from over 400 years - Techronology

Ultimate Monthly Calendar
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Dynamic Yearly Calendar - Add holidays and special dates - Techronology

Dynamic Yearly Calendar
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Sales Reporting Dashboard - Basic sales reporting tool for Excel - Techronology

Sales Reporting Dashboard
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Games people play

Now, it is always good to take a break, relax, and play a game. Or, you may just want to get hype. For the most part, our games are pretty fun and easy to play. So, make sure you come in, enjoy yourself, and get on down.

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Wingding Match

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Bubble Dip Match

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