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Techronology portfolio contains a library of software tools, apps, and games to help you relax, learn, and have fun.

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Games people play

Discover Techronology's collection of online and desktop games to play and enjoy.

Play Excel games directly from our desktop library. Of course, the unique design helps your gaming experience.

Our spreadsheet games journey started in ExcelBuy Excel 2003. These games are fully compatible with current versions of Excel.

Wingding Match Excel game | Techronology

Wingding Match for Excel

Wingding Match is a visually appealing Excel matching game with a twist. You see, missing two consecutive times causes the pieces to scramble. That feature makes it nearly impossible to complete level three. Perhaps, granting additional attempts for final level is necessary.

Play Wingding from your computer at work, during a break. Click the Rules tab when nosy people walk by.

WingDing page

Matches Excel game | Techronology

Matches for Excel

Before Wingding Match, was Matches, which holds the same matching concept. However, there are no twists. Therefore, you just go in there and make matches.

Achieving 24 matches wins the game. Therefore, get your mind right and bust out the game.

Get Matches

Scrambler Excel game | Techronology

Scrambler game for Excel

Decode words directly in Excel with Scrambler. This popular game allows you to update the scramble list to create player challenges. Overall, interesting spreadsheet desktop game.

Scrambler page

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View complete fun and exciting Excel games collection.

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Need Excel?

To play Techronology's Excel games or do fantastic spreadsheet things, get the app.

Buy Microsoft Excel (PC or Mac)Get Excel

So, this is where games meet the cloud. We started developing online games in 2020.

Bubble Dip Match online game | Techronology

Bubble Dip Match online game

Bubble Dip Match is our first online game. It has five levels and bonus rounds. Everything goes good until you reach the final level. That is when all the pieces come out to play.

Bubble Dip page

Play Bubble Dip

yBars online game | Techronology

yBars online game

yBars is an excellent online game. We think it keeps your mind strong. So, the concept of yBars is to estimate the heights of five vertical bars. With only four attempts to start, it is not easy. After you complete a bar, you get an additional attempt. That will give you some breathing room.

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Play yBars

More online games

Load online games into your web browser and start getting busy.

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Online apps

Most of our online apps are design-based and extremely creative. In addition, they function great as supporting tools for other apps, such as PowerPoint. Furthermore, these apps are unique and easy to use. In the end, they will set you apart from your counterparts.

Donut Maker online app | Techronology

The Donut Maker online app

Easily create beautiful and unique circular designs with the Donut Maker app. Ahhh, you thought it was something you eat. Nah, not this donut. However, you can consider this app a sweet treat.

To use Donut Maker, simply select the type, number of pieces, and colors. Each piece can have a separate color. After making your selections, click Save donut. This will produce a crisp SVG file.

We like working with donut maker SVG files directly in PowerPoint.

Overall, there are at least 15 donut types, including two square designs. Of course, some are out of this world.

Donut Maker pageUse Donut Maker

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Techronology's online apps helps you power through work tasks.

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Time to take a Techronology break and answer question of the day for July 14, 2024.

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C. Pentagon

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Supercharge productivity through software tools to power your daily workload.

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Calendars and productivity software tools

Organize tasks, plan events, and manage projects with our software tools. We strive to develop programs that last a lifetime.


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Access entire Techronology software collection and start creating something great.

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