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Excel Street

Excel Street

Putting Excel in the street

So, we must say, we love Excel. Overall, it is one of them apps that keeps growing. Moreover, many companies use it on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to understand certain aspects of Excel. Particularly, if you plan to do business for yourself, or work for others.

What we plan to do is, create a set of lessons that will teach you different concepts in Excel, in a unique way. And, we will bring it all together for you.

Keep in mind, as we build, things will change.

Excel life, is the only way to go. Excel life, is the only thing to know.

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Excel is the king of the street. And, you can't let the street beat you.

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GendPop example


GendPop is an online charting tool that helps you compare gender-based data. Besides comparing women-to-men, you can get creative with it too. For example, you can compare women-to-women, men-to-men, women only, or men only. But, you will have to use some of your creative juices, to make that happen. Do not worry, we will help you along the way. What a nice and fun way to compare data between the genders. And, it is sexay!

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Creative analytics

Creative analytics

Art + data = Creative analytics

Creative analytics (or CA) is the process of using art, custom graphics, and creative tools to compare data. CA is a such great way to create comparisons with data.

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Artplotty Grid 21
APG 21 example

Artplotty Grid 21

Exercise your creative and technical mind with Artplotty Grid 21. We also call it AP Grid 21, or APG 21. And, it is a great STEAM tool. STEAM is short for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. With APG 21, you use numbers to create designs. Moreover, it is great for teaching and learning about various topics in STEAM. Also, we think APG 21 helps you relax your mind and get excited. So much learning fun!

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The art and design show

PowerPoint cover design

Today, many people use PowerPoint (or PPT) to create presentations and books to pitch to clients. Including, us. Over the years, we have accumulated a great collection of work in PPT. Now, with a good cover page, you will capture the attention of your client.

That is the key.

With over 60 sample designs, you will become inspired.

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PPT cover design

PPT cover design

PPT cover design

PPT cover design

Card holder

Card holders

Um, um, um. Just wait until you see what you can do with these card holders. Hey, we know some of them look familiar. But hey, that is okay. We will make them work for you. Don't they look cute?

Card Holders  Sample Card Holders

Games people play

BubbleDip Match

BubbleDip Match is a fun and colorful online matching game with five levels and four bonus levels. Each level is a challenge. And, no one game is the same. The only thing you need to play is an Internet connection.

By the way, in case you want to know, our high score is 7485182. Please, please, it takes a lot of concentration to get there.

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BubbleDip Match

The vintage stuff

Our vintage library

Our vintage library contains a lot of stuff. Particularly, Excel tools. We love Excel!

So, we have calendars, business dashboards and analytical tools, and games, in our vintage collection. In addition, there may be some art and design stuff in there too. You never know. Therefore, make sure you check them out.

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The vintage stuff