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Techronology develops professional software tools to make it easier for you to use data in a more creative way. In addition, our design tools and online apps will help you create some great things. So, check out all the stuff we have for you here, and enjoy yourself.

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Marimekko charting tool for Excel - Techronology
Marimekko charting tool

Marimekko, why you buggin'? Marimekko, we need your lovin'! If you ever tried to create a Marimekko chart, then you know all about the tedious process.

So, we have a tool that makes it easier for you to create a Marimekko chart.

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Bubble Dip Match online game - Techronology
Bubble Dip Match

Do you want to improve your mind through a game? Then, play Bubble Dip Match online. Whether you play on your computer or on your phone, it is fun and challenging.

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Fine wine

Let's take you back to our old school, with old tools that's so cool. Feel free to check out our vintage stuff.

Dynamic Yearly Calendar for Excel - Techronology

Dynamic Yearly Calendar

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Ultimate Monthly Calendar for Excel - Techronology

Ultimate Monthly Calendar

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