Wingding Match desktop game for Excel

Wingding Match for Excel

Wingding Match (or WM) for Excel is a fun and dynamic matching game.


Excel 2003 or higher or compatible.

Size: 78 kB

Overview of Wingding Match

Before we get started, check out a video on WM in action, and enjoy yourself.

Do you see the twist we have in the game? Um, um, um.

Remember, WM is a matching game. However, there is a twist to the game, which we discuss in the Playing the game section.

Before you play

Before you play WM, you should do these three things. In fact, the first two are required.

  1. Disable protected view for this game
  2. Enable macros for this game
  3. Save game to your computer
Disable protected view for this game

When you first open WM, you may see a protected view message. Simply click Enable Editing.

WM - Protected view message
Most likely, you will not be able to play this game in protected view. Thus, click Enable Editing.
Enable macros for this game

Our macros for this game are safe. Therefore, click Enable Content.

Wingding Match - Security warning
Our macros are safe and required to play WM. Therefore, click Enable Content and you are good to go.
Save the game

Once you get pass the two warning messages, save WM on your computer. After you save WM on your computer, you will be able to make changes to it.

Playing the game

So, playing WM is pretty easy. But remember, the twist.

The twist

Here is the twist… If you miss two matches in a row, then the pieces are scrambled. Unfortunately, given the amount of saves you have, it makes the game much more difficult to win.

In hindsight, we should had given the player more saves when they make consecutive matches. Or, something like that.

The levels

Overall, WM has three levels.

Level one
WM - Level one
First level.
Level two
Wingding Match - Level two
Second level.
Level three
WM - Level three
Third level.

Bug in the game

So, there is a small bug in the game. You see, when you start a new game or go to the level, it may be possible to see the matching characters. Since we caught it late after the launch, we decided not to fix it.

The code

Of course, you can see the code for WM. Instead of listing the code here, you can view it in the game itself. With WM open, press Alt F11 to view the complete code.

Also, you can access the code through the Developer ribbon.

Start playing Wingding Match

To start playing Wingding Match, click on the Download button below.


Excel 2003 or higher or compatible.

Size: 78 kB


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