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Bubble Dip Match online matching game - Techronology

So, Bubble Dip Match (or BDM) is a colorful online matching game.


For the most part, to play BDM, all you need is an Internet connection and a Web browser.

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Overview of Bubble Dip Match

All in all, BDM has five levels and a bonus round between each level. In addition, the bonus rounds become part of the next level. Also, no one level is the same.

Below is a video of BDM in action, from beginning to end.

Bubble Dip play

Playing the game

To play BDM, all you have to do is make matches. Moreover, a match can occur with any size balls. Or, with balls of any color.

The levels

Presently, there are five colorful levels to BDM.

The levels of BDM - Techronology
The characters

Overall, there are 22 characters to this game, which you can view in the first image above. Additionally, all of these characters came from Flaticon.


The following is the base scoring table for Bubble Dip.



Level 16500300040007000
Bonus 12750150020003500
Level 287506000700013000
Bonus 221250250030005500
Level 3101250125001400026500
Bonus 3415006000800014000
Level 4141500210002300044000
Bonus 482500200002500045000
Level 52225005500060000115000
Total 76 10500 127500 146000 273500

If you complete all the levels, then your base final score is 273500. However, there is more to it. In addition to the base scoring, there are other scoring features that provide a huge boost to your score.

Picks bonus

Although you get points for each pick, you cannot pad your score just from picks. Of course, at the end of each level, you get a bonus for the least amount of picks you make. Furthermore, at the end of the game, the less picks you have can really add points to your score.

Consecutive matches

When you make a consecutive match, one match after the other, you get additional points. Moreover, the points from back-to-back matches go up from level to level.

Mix matches

If you match circles of different colors, then you get more points. Moreover, with mix matches and consecutive matches, you can get a big boost on your score.

End of game scoring

After each game, extra bonuses are given as a result of your performance. Also, there is one big one. If you achieve it, then expect big points. The following is a list of end of game bonuses.

  1. Matches to misses – If you have less misses to matches, then this ratio will help your final score.
  2. Matches to picks – Also, a good ratio of matches to picks will add more points.
  3. Misses to Picks – Basically, you want to have low picks and low misses to achieve more points.
  4. Finally, the big one. If you achieve less misses than matches, then your final score is multiplied by the difference between misses and matches.

New record

So, take a look at the video below, 9554647 points, on Sunday, June 12, 2022.

Bubble Dip high score video

Start playing BDM

So, that is all to it. Just click on the Play button and show us what you can do. Enjoy!

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