About Techronology

About Techronology

All about Techronology.

In 2008, we started Techronology in an apartment in Harlem, New York City. Alex Shaw III is the founder. He has vast experience developing software tools and creative stuff.

More about Techronology

Overall, we are here to help you learn new things, have fun, and create great things. Therefore, we strive to provide tools to facilitate your worklow.

Since 2008, our creative and analytical tools allow people of all levels to work more efficiently. For the most part, we have productivity tools and charts to help you out. If we can remove a lot of the heavy lifting from you, then it will open up more time for you. Thus, you can focus on other things.

In addition, having fun is a key component of what we do. So, playing some of our games will help you have fun, and even relax.

Our tools work great in PowerPoint, Excel, and other compatible applications. This is great for professionals, personal work, and hobbyists.

Remember, after you finish working or even before you start working, play a game. Get your mind right and keep it going strong.

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Tech Crow Knowl O Gee

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