Donut designs by the Donut Maker and PowerPoint

These are some sample donut designs by the Donut Maker (or DM), with support from PowerPoint (or PPT).

If you want to start creating some donut designs, then click on the DM button.

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Sample donut designs

For the most part, the sample doughnuts below represent real world designs. Therefore, you get a very good idea of some things you can do with the DM.

Donut designs - American-made vehicles - Techronology
American-made vehicles. In a presentation, you can expand of each piece, individually.
Doughnut sample - The passion plan - Techronology
The passion plan. So, this samples uses a monotone color group to convey an idea of love, peace, and relaxation.
Doughnut sample - Dance summit - Techronology
So, this is our creative way of using images inside of doughnut pieces.
Donut designs - A perfect ten - Techronology
Although this is a fairly basic sample, it shows you how you can use varying shades of one color.
Donut designs - The Shark Tank 2009 - Techronology
The sharks design was somewhat challenging. However, we were able to get it done. All ten pieces. Also, we used it to create a realistic sample design, illustrating the first season of The Shark Tank.
Doughnut sample - Leadership in practice - Techronology
Leadership in practice. The circles donut is such a clean design, with many possibilities.
Donut designs - Leadership in practice - Example 2 - Techronology
Same leadership in practice example. However, we decided to change the border and add some shape effects in PPT.
Dougnut sample - Design masters - Techronology
Puzzle pieces are a great way to show information to your client or audience.
Squiggly donut design with basic icons.
Dougnut design sample - Serena Williams - Techronology
Serena Williams moving closer to retirement. Although this is fairly a basic design, it gets the point across.
Donut designs - NBA's biggest feet - Techronology
So, someone wanted to know which players have the biggest size feet, in the NBA. Therefore, we just did not give them numbers; we gave them a design. Good stuff!
Fancy class schedule
Ah, man! Now, this is a fancy way to create a class schedule.

The Donut Maker app

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