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5 Ideas for using donut designs

5 Ideas for using donut designs - Techronology

5 Ideas for using donut designs

So, here are 5 ideas for using donut designs in your work.

  1. Compare past loves
  2. Develop a game
  3. Analyze companies
  4. Show accomplishments and goals
  5. Compare sports teams and athletes

Compare past loves
Hearts doughnut - Techronology

One thing you can do that is fun is, compare all the different boyfriends or girlfriends you had over a certain timeframe. Or, even better… Compare the loves of a celebrity. Now, that would be great.

You can have a photo of a celebrity in the middle, with photos of the lovers around the donut. In addition, you can add commentary for each lover. It could be similar to the Shark Tank donut below, but juicier.

Shark Tank doughnut - Techronology

Good stuff, huh!

Overall, with all the donut designs we have, it is all but so easy to create that type of design.

Develop a game
Sharks donut design - Techronology

Although playing games are fun, developing one can be a challenge. However, it is a great learning process too. So, with some of our designs, you can create matching games, games that rotate objects. Or, any type of game you can think of, that uses circular objects. Two design types we like for game design are, sharks and faces. But, there are so many more you can use. It is up to you.

Analyze different companies

In many financial firms they use the basic chevron donut to analyze different companies. So, they would put the company name in a donut piece, and next to the piece there may be a chart or revenue table.

Show accomplishments and goals
5 Ideas for using donut designs - Leadership in practice - Techronology

Sometimes, it is good to create a diagram to show off the accomplishments of yourself or others. Or, you may want to establish some goals in a design. The good part with the Donut Maker is that, you can easily put your ideas into design.

Compare sports teams or athletes
5 Ideas for using donut designs - Serena Williams - Techronology

Now, this one is a no-brainer. Comparing teams or athletes is similar to analyzing companies or showing goals and achievements.

The Donut Maker

So, as you may already know, the Donut Maker is the app we use to create donut designs. It is a free online app. If you want to start creating, then click on one of the buttons below.

Donut Maker  Learn more

Finally, there you have it – 5 ideas for using donut designs.

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