Thermometer tool for Excel – Experiment

Thermometer tool for Excel - Experiment - Techronology

Overview of thermometer tool

This thermometer tool for Excel is one of our favorite experiments. It is an old tool. But, it still works great. Also, it is part of our vintage collection. In fact, it was done in Excel 2003. Now, that is old.

Using the tool

If you are a little lazy, then this is the tool for you. You see, all you have to do is move the slider below the thermometer from left to right. After you move the slider, it updates cell B4 and the chart. It is just that simple.

So, you are free to update this experiment and do what you want with it. Continue the build. Perhaps, we may do something with it too.

Requirements and download

Excel 2003 or higher or compatible.

If you are ready to use this tool, then click on the download button below.

Download Size: 8.55 kB


Here are some additional topics associated with this experiment.

Support for thermometer tool

Techronology does not offer support for any experiments.

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