Shark donuts by the Donut Maker

Shark donuts by the Donut Maker

On the whole, shark donuts is a set of creative doughnut designs from the Donut Maker (or DM). As with most of the sets in the DM collection, you can create from 2 to 10 pieces.

Shark donuts

So, just when you thought it was not safe to mess with sharks. We have some that you can play with, to create some beautiful things. Also, we think they look fairly friendly. Keep in mind, you have to use some of your creative juices with this one. But, you can do it.

Sample designs

When you design your doughnuts, it is always great to do something unique and realistic. Below are some of our shark doughnut designs. All in all, they will inspire you in your work.

Shark tank 2009 donut design

The video

Here is a short video on using the DM to create some shark doughnuts.

Start making shark doughnuts

If you want to create some sharp and delicious doughnuts, then click on the button below. Otherwise, click on the learn more button.

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