Create cats electronic donut – how to

Create cats electronic donut - how to - Techronology

This quick tutorial shows you how to create a cats donut, with the Donut Maker and PowerPoint (or PPT).

How to create a cats donut

So, we think cats are a safe bet for this video. Of course, we know there are different types of cats. However, we chose four because we did not want the video to be long. Besides, after you view the video, it will give you enough info to create your own donut.

By the way, donut designs are very popular in many types of companies. We just add more of a creative element to them.

The video

Below is the video of us creating a cat electronic donut. Remember, with the donut maker, you have over ten types of donuts you can use.

The Donut Maker

If you want to create your own donuts, then click on the button below.

Donut Maker