Ultimate Monthly Calendar for Excel

Ultimate Monthly Calendar for Excel

The Ultimate Monthly Calendar

The ultimate monthly calendar

So, the Ultimate Monthly Calendar (or UMC) has years from 1900 to 2400. Well, at least we think. Also, it contains to mini calendars. One for the previous month and one for the next month. It was done in a time when we did not have Outlook or Lotus. Therefore, what we did is, create one in Excel. That is all to it.

By the way, the UMC is part of our vintage collection. Keep in mind, originally we designed the UMC on a computer based in the United States (US). Unfortunately, we did not take into account other regions of the world.

However, many of our users say they were able to use the UMC with no problems. If you have a problem, the try changing your regional settings on your computer to the US. Hopefully, you will not need to do that.


Download the UMC

Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher or compatible.
Note: Unless otherwise noted, we do not offer support for our vintage apps.


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