Protect Excel files with open password – Snapshots

For the most part, this snapshot shows you how to password protect Excel (or xls) files on open. Meaning, when you attempt to open a xls file, it prompts you for a password.

Most likely, this works for the other applications in the Microsoft Office family. However, we mainly use it to protect xls files when necessary.

Quick snapshots to password protect Excel files on open

Here are the snapshots to prompt users for a password when they try to open a xls file.

Password protect Excel file on Open - Snapshots
  1. Save As
  2. Give your file a name
  3. Click Tools
  4. Select General Options… from the pull-down menu
Password protect Excel file - General options - Techronology
  1. Enter your password to open the file
Confirm password - Techronology
  1. Re-enter your password

Prevent or allow changes to Excel document

Simarily, you can password protect your xls files for modifying a document. So, if a person wants to make a change to the file, they will need to know the password. Follow steps 7 and 8 below to prompt the user for a password when they try to modify the file.

Password protect on modify - General options - Techronology
  1. Enter password to modify
Confirm to modify Excel file - Techronology
  1. Finally, confirm password to modify document


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