PowerPoint cover page design

PowerPoint cover page design

PowerPoint cover page design.

A good PowerPoint (or PPT) cover page design will help you capture the attention of your audience.

Sample PowerPoint cover pages

Below are some sample PPT covers for you to view. Now, we only show you a few here. If you want to see the entire gamut of designs, then visit our PPT covers page. In the end, we hope they inspire you to create something great too.

Sample design 1

Sample design 1.
You can pretty much guess what this PPT design is about. So, what we have at the top are solo artists. While, at the bottom, we have music groups. In addition, from the request of the client, we place brands of the company in the background. Overall, the loved this design.

Sample design 2

Sample design 2.
With this design, check out how we incorporate the brand into the cover. Although the company’s website had many photos, this one has the color we think will capture the client’s attention.

Sample 3

Sample PowerPoint cover design 2.
Here is a design that the client did not like that much. Basically, it was too creative for them. They wanted something more technical. Therefore, we had to redo it, which was okay. From time to time, you will have to create multiple samples before you achieve the final result.

More PowerPoint covers?

So, do you want to see all the designs? To view our many samples of cover page designs, feel free to click on the button below. Hopefully, it will inspire you to create something great.

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