02 design sample – PowerPoint custom creation

In the 02 design sample, the client had a set of bullets in PowerPoint. So, our task was to make them bullets pop, in an appealing way.

The 02 design

Below, we have the client’s original, and three versions of the creation.

The original

Well, the bullets are pretty clear. That is the good part. They are pretty long though. Also, we have to make all seven bullets work in a custom PowerPoint diagram.

The designs

Version 1

02 design sample - Version 1 - Techronology

We like this version. However, the client was thinking of something a little fancier. Therefore, we had to go back to the drawing board.

Version 2

02 design sample - Version 2 - Techronology

Now, the client thought this version was great. It took a little longer to design, but we liked it too. On the other hand, they wanted the creation to be shown in shades of red. In addition, they wanted to move the top-centered bullet to the right side.

Version 3

02 design sample - Version 3 - Techronology

Finally, a version everyone could go with. So much red. That is what they wanted. Luckily, it is all done in PowerPoint, with exception to the icons. They can easily change the colors, if necessary.

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