Linux lab reports

So, these Linux lab reports are experiments and studies on certain aspects of the operating system.

Linux lab reports and experiments

Again, keep in mind, these are studies and experiments. Moreover, some are dated. Therefore, some of the stuff in them may be obsolete. In addition, you may do things differently than what is presented in the reports.

College level experiments

Below are some college reports in PDF format. Additionally, you are free to download them for your own work. Also keep in mind, these reports are fairly old, and they are experiments. Thus, you will need to take your time going through them.

Linux lab reports - The VI and Linux Environment - Techronology
The VI and Linux environment

Become familiar with the VI and Linux environment.

View VI report

The Linux Directory Structure - Techronology
Linux directory structure

The Linux shell and the concept of directory tree structuring.

View directory report

Input and Output Control - Techronology
Input and output control

Redirection tools, pipes, tees, and standard input and output.

View IO control report

Linux lab reports - Printing and Metacharacters - Techronology
Printing and metacharacters

This experiment involves printing and metacharacters.

View printing report

Shell scripting I

Introduction to shell scripting I.

View shell scripting intro report

Shell Scripting with Arguments
Shell scripting with arguments

Scripting with arguments in the Linux environment.

View shell scripting report


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