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Key apps for using SVG files in design

Key apps for using SVG files in design

Key apps for using SVG files in design. Using SVG files in design helps you build a nice, clean, and crisp product. SVG is short for scaleable vector graphics.

Key apps for using SVG files

Surprisingly enough, there are many programs that allow you to view and use SVG files. Below is our list of programs and apps that will help you work with SVG files. Also, there is no ranking to the order of this list.

Here is the list


So, Illustrator is a very popular commerial design program. More importantly, it works well with SVG files.


You can do a lot with Inkscape. It has a lot of drawing tools. Overall, it is an excellent app for vector-based graphics. Plus, it is free.


PowerPoint (PPT) is not free. However, the current version of PPT allows you to use SVG files in the same way you would use PPT shapes. Also, can save PPT shapes as SVG files.

Internet browsers

So, modern internet browsers allow you to view and save SVG files. In addition, some of them let you modify the code.

Other resources

While writing this piece, we realized there are quite a few other resources that are available to you too. Therefore, below are some additional places online, that can help you with creating, viewing, and using SVG files.

Have some ideas?

If you have info on programs that work with SVG files, then feel free to contact us, through the email below.


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