YouTube videos by Techronology

YouTube videos by Techronology -

Below are all the YouTube videos by Techronology. Keep in mind, we do not post as often as we would like. However, we will do our best to showcase some of our work.

Our YouTube videos

So, we plan to have both, videos with sound and narration, and videos without sound. Probably more videos without sound. But, they will all be high quality.

The video library

We wonder how many videos we will put here. Imagine scrolling down forever. Crazy, huh. Perhaps, we will put a few key videos here and let you go to YouTube directly for the rest. As always, we appreciate all the feedback and suggestions.

01 video

How to create a fancy donut pie chart in Excel.

02 video

Bubble Dip Match colorful online game.

03 video

Sales commission program in Visual Basic 6

Creating YouTube videos

As we continue to create videos, we will come up with new ideas and get better. Overall, we cannot wait to see all the things we can do to help people have fun and learn.


When you have the time. Or, while watching one of our videos, make sure you become a subscriber. This way, we will have another way to listen to what our subscribers say and their suggestions.

As always, thanks for your support and enjoy!


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