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Since we do not always show the larger size of our product images on Techronology, we will show them here. Many times, it takes a while to load big images. So, that is part of the reason we keep the images small.

However, in here is where we do it big. Therefore, expect slow loading times on this page. Especially, if your computer is already slow. But, enjoy the view.

Overview of product images

This is pretty much a straightforward page. One thing will we say is, all of these screenshots will be above 960×720 in resolution. Overall, that is a pretty good size.


Below are screenshots for our design apps, software tools, and games.

If you want to view a full size screenshot, then open the image in a new tab. Otherwise, save the image to your computer, and open it up in a photo viewer or design app.

Bubble Dip Match

Learn Bubble Dip Play Bubble Dip

Event Seating Planner (ESP)

1st Screenshot
Event Seating Planning - 4-seater - Techronology
2nd Screenshot
Product images - Event Seating Planning - 6-seater - Techronology
3rd Screenshot
Event Seating Planning - 8-seater - Techronology
4th Screenshot
Product images - Event Seating Planning - 10-seater - Techronology

Event Seating Planner ESP video

PPP – Payroll Processing Program

1st Screenshot
Product images - PPP - Payroll Processing Program - screenshot 1 - Techronology
2nd Screenshot
PPP - Payroll Processing Program - Pay stub - screenshot 2 - Techronology



Remember, we plan to update this page regularly. So, make sure you follow us, or check back from time-to-time to view the updates.

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