Featured designs

Featured designs

Below are the featured designs that appear on our home page. Take a look at them. Enjoy!

Our featured designs

So, we are very happy to mention, quite a few of these designs come from our online apps, such as the Donut Maker and GendPop. On the whole, it shows you just some of the things you can do, when you put your ideas into design.

Featured designs - NBA's biggest feet - Techronology
NBA’s biggest feet – This design started with our feet set, from the Donut Maker. After we got the amount of pieces we wanted, we used PowerPoint to dress it up. The feet set is the perfect piece for this type of design.
Design - Shark Tank - Techronology
So, we all know about Shark Tank. Therefore, it was easy to create a design around the show, using our sharks set, from the Donut Maker.
Design - Wellness - Work-life balance - Techronology
A client needed a PowerPoint cover to represent wellness or a work-life balance situation. This design worked for them. Also, inside the cover is their nice presentation on their product, promoting wellness.
Featured designs - Funkie Faces - Techronology
Created with Funkie Faces.
Design - Another Funkie Faces example - Techronology
Another Funkie Faces example, with familiar looking faces.

More design stuff

Keep in mind, design can involve many things. Therefore, expect to see different types of designs in this area of the Techronology site. Hopefully, it will give you some good ideas.

If you want to see all design stuff our site, then visit our design page. Enjoy!

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