Convert Celsius to Kelvin in Python

This Python code shows you how to convert Celsius temperatures to Kelvin.

Of course, you are free to make it better. All you really need is the formula.

Code listing to convert Celsius to Kelvin in Python

Below is the code listing for this program.

# ---------------------------------------------
# Designed and programmed by Alex Shaw III
# Date created:  January 4, 2023
# Last modified: January 4, 2023
# This program converts Celsius to Kelvin 
# ---------------------------------------------
celTemp = input('Enter a Celsius temperature: ')
kelTemp = float(celTemp) + 273.15
print(str(celTemp) + ' degrees Celsius is ' + 
      str(kelTemp) + ' Kelvin.')


Here is the output for the above program.

Convert Celsius to Kelvin in Python - Techronology

Developer’s note

We did not put any comments for the code in this program. We think you got it.

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