07 design sample – Shark Tank Donut Maker

So in the 07 design sample, we needed a way to show you how you can use the sharks donut type in the Donut Maker.

The 07 design

07 design sample - Shark Thank 2009 - Techronology

What a perfect way to use the sharks donut type is, with the cast of Shark Tank.

So, we started off with a five-piece donut from the Donut Maker. We cannot remember if we colored each shark in the app, or in PowerPoint (PPT). In any case, we brought the design into PPT and added the names, title, and photos in there.

Overall, it is a simple, but very creative piece.

Sharks donut type

As you see, you can do something very creative with the sharks donut type. You just have to use a little bit of your imagination. After that, you can create something great. For example, you may have a group of champion coworkers that you want to celebrate. Perhaps, this will be the donut for you.

Remember, with the Donut Maker, you can have from two to ten donut pieces. Thus, you have a wide range to work with.


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