04 design sample – Circular feet donut

If you have a problem with feet, then the 04 design is not for you. Then again, just think of it as an artistic creation. Once you see it, you will understand. Imagine trying to create this without the help of the Donut Maker.

The 04 design

As you may know, basketball players are tall, and many of them have big feet. So, we wanted to illustrate the top ten shoe sizes of NBA players. Keep in mind, this list may have changed since the initial design.

The design

04 design sample -

Again, the Donut Maker was a great help with this creation. Although you can colorize in the Donut Maker, for this design, it was easier to do it in PowerPoint.

Unfortunately, we did not date this work. We know, as new guys with bigger feet enter the league, the list will change. Possibly, an update may be coming soon.


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