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Online tools

Our online tools library Below, feel free to use and play with all our online tools. Artplotty Grid 21 Create beautiful art and design with numbers. Moreover, it is a great tool to work your mind and even be at peace while you design. Also, you can teach and learn with Artplotty. Artplotty Grid 21 […]

The vintage stuff

For the most part, our vintage stuff contains software tools for Excel. However, we have online vintage tools also. But, we plan to update those tools. In this section, feel free to download any of our tools for your own personal use. Keep in mind, we do not offer any support for these apps anymore. […]

Sample designs in AP Grid 21

Sample designs in AP Grid 21 (or APG 21) Below are some sample designs in APG 21. Hopefully, they inspire you to create something great. Sample 1 The impossible triangle. Sample 2 The impossible box. Sample 3 Nice house. Sample 4 Random geometric shapes. Sample 5 Special random design. Sample 6 The X house. Sample […]

AP Grid 21 – STEAM tool

Artplottly Grid 21 or AP Grid 21 (or APG 21) is an online STEAM tool. Quick glance of AP Grid 21 Requirements and compatibility To use APG, you will need an Internet browser. For the most part, it should work on all of them. However, the Download art command does not work on Internet Explorer […]

Lab reports – Linux

Originally, these Linux lab reports were personally for us. However, we are sharing a personal work for you too. Linux lab reports Below, are some of our Linux lab reports from college. Although these reports were done years ago, they are still helpful. Therefore, make sure you take a look at them. They may provide […]