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Don’t be late

Don't be late - Do not be late - Techronology

Don’t be late

One of the things I used to say is, don’t be late. I remember, after three years of working on a job with no latenesses, I came in late one day. However, I did call my manager, one hour in advanced, to let him know I was running late.

Now, I thought that was pretty good, given the circumstances behind the lateness.

Unfortunately, it was a very busy day at the office. And, my manager blurted in a loud and sarcastic tone, oh Alex, we need you. I said to myself, check this out. So, to alleviate his loud tone, I told him the situation. My mom had a major health issue, and I need to be there to assist her. Almost immediately, his tone subsided.

If my manager had used some common sense, then he would say, this guy is rarely-to-never late. Something must of happened.

Keeping my cool

In any case, I tend to know how to keep my cool. As for my boss, he is lucky I chose lateness over absence. To be honest, calling out sick probably would had been better. But, I managed to take care of my mother and get to work. Albeit, not on time. Everything was cool then.

Control your lateness

As you know by reading this article, you should try to be punctual to work. Or, any event that requires you to be there at a certain time.

Sometimes, when it comes to being late, you cannot always give an hour or more notice. Stuff is usually going down in real time. All you can do is, call your manager, and tell them there is a delay. Of course, you can provide more detail once you get to work.

Remote work

If you work remotely, then lateness should never be an issue. Hourly workers tend to have to clock in. In that case, you generally get a grace period before you are marked late. If you have an issue clocking in on time, then perhaps set an alarm. In either case, try your best to be on time.

For exempt or salaried workers, you have to keep your game tight too. Especially, if you have to do online meetings, which could be a pain too. So, you have to be on time for those too.

Be a role model

As you move up and progress in your career, it is great to continue the habit of being early or on time. Keep it in your mindset. Others will see how you move. Thus, you will become a role model and a prime example of what to be, regardless of position.

There is no debate, don’t be late.

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