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A face is more than just a face - Techronology

Art and design – Funkie Faces

Funkie Faces is a set of cool and creative designs of various faces in PowerPoint (or PPT). Overall, they are truly unique. And because they are created directly in PPT, they also function as regular PPT shapes. Therefore, you can do some nice things with them. Your audience and clients will love your work.

In addition, you can have some fun with them, and bring the design outside of PPT. For example, you may want to create a tee shirt or poster with some of these faces. And, that will not be a difficult thing to do. Also, feel free to combine and use multiple faces to create something special.

We have quite a few faces to collect and to load. So, we thank you for your patience and support.

Sample design.
Sample design. Shout out to Whodini.
The face of a special moderator - Techronology
Trust me. They will be on their best behavior with this moderator.

The collection

Below are all the designs we have to offer you in the Funkie Faces collection. Click on one of the faces to learn more. Enjoy!

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