About Techronology

We started Techronology in 2008 with the goal of making it easier for people to use and understand information technology.

In the beginning, our main focus was software development. Basically, our software helps people with various tasks, such as data processing, analytics, and project management. However, we needed a training component.

A Change in Techronology

In late 2018, we made plans to include more training products. This is important because many people want to improve their skills and learn new things. Therefore, Techronology is putting forth a new agenda help people learn how to do various things in the information technology arena.

This agenda will remain active as long as Alex Shaw III is running Techronology.

About the Founder

Alex Shaw III is the founder of Techronology. He has extensive experience in creating software tools, presentation templates, and other creative and technical programs.

Our Office

365 West 125th Street #835
New York, NY 10027-9555

Continuing the Journey and Making History

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