Wingding Match dynamic matching game for Excel

Wingding Match dynamic matching game for Excel

Wingding Match desktop game for Excel.

Wingding Match is a fun and dynamic matching desktop game for Excel, with a twist.


To play this game, you need Excel 2003 or higher or compatible. We tested it on higher versions. And, it works just the same.


Wingding Match overview

Indeed, this is actually the first game we took to the finish line. And, we consider this game part of our vintage collection.

So, we developed Wingding Match in Excel 2003. Hence, why we think of it as a vintage game. Moreover, the completion date is September 2008.

Unfortunately, there is a slight bug in this game. However, it does not hinder game play unless you take advantage of it.

The bug

When a new game starts, sometimes, you can see the matching characters before they are hidden. We found this error well after the game was finished.

For this purpose, we decided not to update the game. Basically, you are on the honest system. Then again, it hiding the characters still goes quickly.

The levels of Wingding Match

All in all, there are three levels to the game. Below are screenshots of each level.

First level

First level of Wingding Match

Second level

Second level of Wingding Match

Third level

Third level of Wingding Match

The twist

Now, there is a twist to this game. You see, if you miss consecutive matches, then the pieces are shuffled.

So, just when you get into it, it is like starting over.

Consequently, we should had allowed the player to get more chances due to this feature. Well, you live and learn.

Maybe you will take over and update the game for us. That would be great!

Play the game

As has been noted, you need Excel 2003 or higher to play this game. After that, all you have to do is click on the button below to start.


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