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Library home

Apps and software tools

Software home

Artplotty Grid 21

Dynamic Yearly Calendar for Excel

GendPop for Excel

Squiggly Donuts Excel chart

The S List

Ultimate Monthly Calendar

Online apps

Online apps home

Donut Maker

Gender Pop

Web tools

Web tools home

Show random image on Bootstrap card with PHP


Dashboards home

Expense Allocation Tool (EAT)

Sales Reporting Dashboard

Excel chart library

Excel chart library home

Excel data modules



Design home

Designs by Artplotty Grid

Featured designs

PowerPoint cover pages


Games home

Bubble Dip Match

Mario Bros

Ms. PacPC

Old school PC games

The Numbers Game

Wingding Match



Tutorials home

Add a holiday or special day to the Yearly Calendar

Break apart a SVG image in PowerPoint

Bring a SVG file into PowerPoint

Change size of a swirl donut

Convert objects in PowerPoint to image

Create a fancy calendar in minutes

Create aircrafts in Artplotty and PowerPoint – How to

Create cats electronic donut

Crop an image in PowerPoint

Flip an image in PowerPoint

Link cells to shapes in Excel

Quickly rotate an object in PowerPoint

Remove your name from Microsoft Office toolbar

Split a person in half in PowerPoint

Reference guides

Reference home

Excel QAT – Quick access toolbar

Hatman animation demo in BASIC

Linux lab reports

Our color scheme

PowerPoint QAT – Quick access toolbar

SQL join diagram

The Graphics Power Diskette

Unit circle


Python home

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit in Python

Convert Celsius to Kelvin in Python

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius in Python

Convert temperatures in Python

Create a menu in Python

Create a Pac-Man figure in Python

Create a window in Python

Hello world greeting in Python

Percent of change in Python

Solve basic linear equation Ax+B=C in Python


About us

Contact us


Privacy policy

Software agreement




Blog home

5 Ideas for using donut designs

Best Ms Pacman game clone

ChatGPT and Fahrenheit 451

Don’t be late

Hatman animation demo in BASIC

Key apps for using SVG files in design

Mega Millions and the New Numbers Game

PowerPoint circular sharks collection

Serena Williams announces retirement

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