Swirl Donuts – Squiggly Donuts – Volume two

SD - Squiggly Donuts - Volume two
Swirl Donuts - Squiggly Donuts - Volume two

Get your groove on with Swirl Donuts (or SD). It is volume two of the Squiggly Donuts package.

Overview of Swirl Donuts

So, Swirl Donuts is a little fancier than the donut designs you would normally see in PowerPoint (or PPT). Since SD is volume two of our Squiggly Donuts package, feel free to visit volume one to learn more.


  • Ten donut designs in PPT
  • Every piece was created directly in PPT
  • Functions as regular PPT shapes
  • Easily format any part of the design
  • Transparent PNG images of each donut


PowerPoint 2007 or higher or compatible.

Note: If you do not have PPT, then you can still use the PNG images to create something great too.

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