Squiggly Donuts – Volume one

Squiggly Donuts - Volume one
SD group 2
Squiggly donuts - Group 3

Squiggly Donuts (or SD) is a creative software tool for PowerPoint (or PPT) and Excel. It contains a set of donut designs that you can easily customize.

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Overview of Squiggly Donuts

So, SD is both a design tool and a charting tool. Thus, you can consider it a design and software tool.

Overall, we design every single component in PPT. Therefore, you get the same look, feel, and operation of a regular PPT shape. Meaning, just about anything you can do with a PPT shape, you can do with SD.

What you get

  • 10 customizable designs in PPT
  • A Squiggly Donut charting tool for Excel
  • PNG versions of each design

What you do

On the whole, you can do a lot with Squiggly Donuts. Here are a few simple things you can do with SD.

Set the size
When you resize a donut, it maintains a crisp look.

Tip: Before you resize a donut, group all parts to keep them together.

Colorize Squiggly Donuts
You can colorize any component of Squiggly Donuts.

In addition to solid fills, you can use gradients, pattern fills, and even picture fills.

Excel version of Squiggly Donuts

Excel version of Squiggly Donuts
Oh man! With the Excel version, you can make all types of segments, in a real chart. Um, um, um.

The Excel version of SD is pretty simple charting tool. Basically, it runs off of Excel’s standard charting functions. Moreover, we have a chart already created in Excel. Thus, all you have to do is change the titles and the values, and go.

Videos on using Squiggly Donuts

Below are some videos on using SD in PPT and Excel.

SD charting tool for Excel

So, hole or no hole? That is the question. In any case, you get both with the SD charting tool.

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