Swirl balls cover page for PowerPoint



Swirl balls cover page for PowerPoint

Overview of swirl balls

Swirl balls cover page for PowerPoint is a beautiful front page design for any type of presentation or pitch book. Although we include read-only versions, we suggest you save a copy of the cover after you download it. This way, if something happens, you will have a backup to revert to. Once you pick the cover you like for your project, you can delete the others. But remember, always work from the copy.

This particular cover works great for almost any type of presentation or book. Because we created the entire design in PowerPoint, it maintains a crisp fresh look. Moreover, the main part of the design functions as a shape object. Therefore, you can apply colors and special effects to it. Basically, anything you can do with a PowerPoint object, you can do with this design.

Now, one of the covers has an image in the background. Unfortunately, it increases the size of the download. However, it is a nice addition.


PowerPoint 2007 or higher or compatible.


  • US letter size
  • A4 international size
  • 4 cover styles
  • Vector-based swirl design
  • Functions as a regular PowerPoint shape object
  • Change color and style of all balls
  • Resize all custom designs

Download notes

  • Filesize: 6.11 MB
  • Includes read-only versions
  • You get to download this product 2 times within a 7 day period

Keep in mind, we do not offer refunds for this downloadable, virtual product. If you need more details, then read our privacy policy.

Thanks and enjoy!

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