Squiggly Donuts – Volume one


Note: Once you purchase Squiggly Donuts, you get to download it two times. Thanks and enjoy!

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Squiggly Donuts - Volume one

Squiggly Donuts (or SD) is a set of creative donut designs for PowerPoint (or PPT) and Excel. However, you do not necessarily need PPT or Excel, as we include PNG images of each donut in this product.

So, SD is such a sweet treat for PPT. It adds so much creativity to your work.

Features of Squiggly Donuts

  • Ten SD designs in PPT
  • Each design functions as a regular PPT shape
  • Colorize, resize, and add shape effects
  • One Excel tool
  • Ten transparent PNG designs

If you want to learn more about SD, then visit this page. There, you can see examples and videos.

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