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Event seating planner for Excel - Techronology

The Event Seating Planner (or ESP) is a beautiful Excel tool that allows you to easily assign seats to guests for various types of events.

Requirements: Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

Overview of the Event Seating Panner

Overview of the Event Seating Planner for Excel - Techronology

All you have to do with the ESP is, click on a seat, enter a name, and a title and company. Of course, it is all optional. However, you definitely want to enter at least a the name of the guest. Overall, it is just that simple.

Key features

  • Completely editable
  • Four seating types
  • Navigation bar
  • Small file size

Seating types

Altogether, we have 4 types of seating plans in the ESP.

  • 4-seater (9 tables, 36 guests)
  • 6-seater (6 tables, 36 guests)
  • 8-seater (6 tables, 48 guests)
  • 10-seater (6 tables, 60 guests)

Below are some screenshots of the Event Seating Planner for Excel.


ESP - 4-seater - Techronology


Event Seating Planner - 8-seater - Techronology


ESP - 8-seater - Techronology


Event Seating Planner - 10-seater - Techronology

If you need seating for odd numbers, such as 7 guests, then you can use the 8-seater. Or, use the 10-seater for 9 people. You have options with this tool.

Moreover, these seating plan types will help you out in many types of events.

Types of events

You will be able to use the ESP for:

  • Conferences
  • Corporate meetings
  • Product launches
  • Take your child to work day
  • Team building
  • Wedding receptions

So, check this out… You can use the seats for product names, robot types, or stuff that is not even human. We will let you decide what you want to do.

Not enough seats

When you do not have enough seats, simply create a new file, and use the same seating plan type. Or, duplicate the appropriate seating plan type.

On the whole, we did not protect any of the seating plan types. Therefore, you are just about free to do whatever you want.


So, the print layout for the Event Seating Planner for print is in tabloid format. That is a huge format, and it prints out in three pages single-sided, two double-sided. Of course, you are free to set your own print settings.

Sales and support

If you have any questions or comments, then feel free to contact us at one of the emails below.

We will make our best effort in addressing your concerns or issues.


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