big heads

Big Heads (or BH) is a set of faces or frontal parts of a head. It is a form of PowerPoint (or PPT) art. Unless otherwise noted, all of the work on BH is done directly in PPT. Depending on the detail, one face can take hours to create.

Some faces have different versions. So, you may a face alternate hair styles. Or, some may have wrinkles or freckles. The good part though is, you can change almost any aspect of the face. Overall, they function the same as regular PPT shapes.

With BH, you get the faces. In additon, you get them holding a circular object and a rectangular object. Image the stuff you can do with that. Also, the holders work good with Squiggly Donuts.

Big Heads collection

Below are all the Big Heads we have for you to enjoy. Thanks, and we appreciate your support!

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