Our games library

Our games library

As you may have guessed, our games library is where we keep most of our games. Although there are not that many, we hope you enjoy the ones on here.

Our games

Below are all the games we have for you to enjoy.

Bubble Dip Match
Our games - BubbleDip Match.

BubbleDip Match is a dynamic online matching game. Overall, there are five levels and four bonus levels between each level. Also, you never know which pieces will show up on each level. In other words, each level is unique. However, once you get to the final level, that is when all the pieces come out to play.

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Wingding Match
Wingding Match game.

Wingding Match is our first ever completed game. It is a desktop game for Excel. That’s right. This game was done in Excel. Although it only contains three levels, that last level is a doozy. So, there is a very minor bug to this game. However, it should not affect the play. Unless, you are looking to cheat. In any case, click the button to learn more about the bug, and to download the game. Enjoy!

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