Impossible box in APG 21 – How-to Video

Impossible box in APG 21 – How-to Video

How to create the impossible box in AP Grid 21

This video shows you how to create the impossible box in AP Grid 21 (or APG 21). In addition, you learn how to download your graphic as a PNG.

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Artplottly Grid 21 or AP Grid 21 (or APG 21) is an online STEAM tool. To use APG, you will need an Internet browser. For the most part, it should work on all of them. However, the Download art command does not work on Internet Explorer and Safari. Overall, we found the best browsers for APG 21 is Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The way APG 21 works is, you create designs by plotting points with the line and circle datasets. Basically, you enter numbers in the line and circle datasets. It is just that simple. For complex designs, we suggest drawing your design on graph paper first. Also, that is a great way to express yourself through design, on paper.

So, to create a line, enter the starting point and the end point. In this case, use the line dataset. First, enter (2, 5) as your first point. Lastly, enter (18, 14) as your end point. Now, you just created a basic line. You are off to a great start. A triangle takes three points. Just follow the same rules as you did for a line. As you noticed though, in APG 21, you end where you start. Therefore, you will have four points to plot. Unless, you take a different path. If you want to draw multiple objects on one grid, then all you have to do is skip a row in the line dataset. With the circle dataset, there is no need to skip a row. To create a circle, you need two components. Remember, after you change a value you have to Redraw to see the results.