GendPop online tool

GendPop online tool

GendPop online tool

GendPop (or GP) is an online analytics tool that allows you to easily compare data between the genders. Of course, this is done in a very creative manner. If you feel ready, then click on the button below to start creating.


Overview of GendPop online

GP is a fun and “sexay” way to compare data. Especially, when you combine it with other charts and data representations. Moreover, it is easy to use. All you have to do is enter a number and watch the tool go to work. After that, you have the option of changing the color to work for you.

Entering numbers

In GP, you enter numbers in the WOMAN box and in the MAN box. Although these numbers are considered percents, you enter them as whole numbers, from 0 to 100. Moreover, you can enter decimals of up to 2 places. So, examples of valid numbers are 65, 12.34, 0.5, and 99.99. It is just that simple.

Now, after you enter a number, just leave the box to refresh the chart. Or, just press tab.


With GP, you have the option of applying color to each figure. Overall, we suggest lighter shades, which allow you to see more detail in each figure. In some browsers, you may need to enter a color code by hand. That is okay.

To apply a color, just click on one of the color bars, and select a color or enter a color by hand.

Saving your work

To save your work, click on the Save Chart button. After that, GP saves your chart as a SVG file. This file format allows you to use your chart in many apps, across different platforms.

Making comparisons

Now, when you make comparisons, you are not just stuck with the female-to-male look. With some creativity, you can compare women-to-women, men-to-men, men only, and women only.

After you save your work, bring the SVG file into a design app, such as PowerPoint. Then, you can crop out the male or the female figure. There you go. In addition, you can apply almost any effect you want in a given design app. It is up to you.

Start using GP

The only requirement for GP is an Internet connection.

If you want to use GP, then click on the button below and start having some fun. It is a “sexay” tool.


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