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Excel Street is where you come to get your Excel learning fix.

Upcoming lessons

Below is a list of upcoming lessons. Keep in mind, some of them will not make it. On the other hand, when one falls, a new one enters.

  • Building your first formula
  • Combining text
  • Convert chart to crispy image
  • Donuts
  • Find average of numbers
  • High-low chart with vertical line
  • One hundred dot chart
  • Price-volume stock chart
  • Rotten apples database
  • Side-by-side stacked column chart
  • Solve for x, Ax+B=C
  • Stacked bar chart
  • Stacked column chart
  • The basic bar chart
  • Use symbol in IF() function
  • Using SUMIF()
  • Variable types
  • Working with zip codes


Although this is all about Excel, we do mix it up a bit with other apps. That is key to growing too. Therefore, be sure to check out the categories that interest you. Moreover, feel free to dip your feet in other areas.

Lesson categories for Excel Street

Here is the list of lesson categories to help you gain more knowledge on a particular topic in Excel.


So, we try to keep our videos short. If we ever have to do a long video, then we will split it up in segments for you. Especially, if it contains a lot of audio. Otherwise, feel free to learn something new. Or, refresh your memory.

Add numbers in Excel.
Adding numbers

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Sheet programming

On the whole, sheet programming is a way to develop tools in Excel without using Visual Basic for Applications (or VBA). Do not get us wrong, we love VBA. However, this method of learning will help you learn more about other parts of Excel. Particularly, as a developer. Also, it may frustrate you, in a good way.

Introduction to Excel sheet programming
Excel Street - Understanding cell variables.
1 – Understanding cell variables
Prove 0 is false, 1 is true.
2 – Prove 0 is false, 1 is true
The OR() function.
3 – OR() function
4 – Show developer ribbon
Create formula to solve Ax+B=C, in Excel Street.
5 – Create formula to solve Ax+B=C

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Chart design

On Excel Street, chart design is very important. If you want to work in almost any business, then you should learn how to create charts. Particularly, the ones that are used often. Below are a set of lessons in our chart design category.

Create a column chart with an average line

The lessons below will assist you in creating a column chart with an average line. Essentially, the first two lessons are all you really need. Beyond that, are extra tutorials on working with a column charts.

Excel Street - Chart design - Create column chart - Lesson 1
1 – Create column chart
Chart design - Create column chart - Lesson 2
2 – Add average line
Excel Street - Chart design - Create column chart - Lesson 3
3 – Add data labels
Chart design - Create column chart - Lesson 1
4 – Update value scale
Change gap width.
5 – Change gap width
Excel Street - Change number format.
6 – Change number format

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Miscellaneous and special charting topics
Excel Street - Add footnote to category.
Add footnote to category label
Customize Quick Access Toolbar
Use trendline to expand line series.
Use trendline to expand line

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Excel Street

So, this is Excel Street (or ES). A place where we focus on topics associated with Excel. Overall, we love Excel. So, that is correct. In addition, we love helping people learn new things. Moreover, as we build ES, things will change, we will grow, you will grow.

Excel life, is the only thing we know. Excel life, is the only way to go. There’s always charts for sale, a formula fairy tale.