Create a nice design cover page in PowerPoint

Create a nice design cover page in PowerPoint

Create a nice design cover page in PowerPoint.

When you create a nice design cover page, it allows you to take your pitch to another level.

This is not a lesson or tutorial per se. Instead, it is a simple article on how we would make a cover in PowerPoint. Of course, you can apply this method in other design apps.

Using a brand to create a nice design cover

So, we plan to create our design for our own brand, Techronology. Basically, we will design around the brand.

What we need

Before we create the design cover, we need to come up with info that will help us understand the brand or company. In most cases, you want to get these three components.

  1. A company website, which will help you with the brand, color scheme and images.
  2. Brochures by the company may include more images and give you more ideas.
  3. Any other info from the client to help you in your design process.

The website

Partial screenshot of the Techronology website, to create a nice design cover.

As you see, the Techronology website has a brand, color scheme, and some images. And, they all seem to be high quality.

Since this is a design cover, we will not use the design cover images on the site. However, there are other images to use. We can determine if and how we plan to use any images from the website.


There are no brochures or PDF files for us to look at. Just the website.

Additional information

Techronology has no extra info to assist us with the design. Therefore, we will work with what we get from the website.

The design cover plan

Now that we know what we are working with, we can start to create a design cover.

From the website, we have the logo, and at least six colors to use on the cover. That is excellent! Those six colors will function as our color scheme.

And, we will use the logo as inspiration for our design background. Hopefully, it works out and they like it.

Start the design

In most cases, we start with a blank canvas.

The blank canvas

With PowerPoint, we will start on the title slide. This is our starting point. Also, we put the Techronology logo on the slide.

PowerPoint title slide with Techronology logo.

After that, we decided to enlarge the logo and place it on the right side of the slide. As a result, the brand now becomes part of the design.

In addition, the slide title and subtitle was adjusted.

Brand on right side of slide.

Add some color to it

Time to add some color. Of course, we use the colors from the website.

Here are the main colors we plan to use:

Color scheme of the nice design cover.

These colors look good. Normally, we want at least six colors. However, there were times where a website only had three colors to work with.

Keep in mind, a few grays can pad your color scheme. Maybe one or two.

Hey, the cover is starting to take shape.

Add some color to your nice design cover.

You could almost leave it like this.

Then again, we could add more. Next, we expanded the swirly triangles. And, we put color boxes behind the titles.

Adding more flavor to the nice design cover.

Finish the design

The nice design cover is starting to look more abstract now. However, the logo is still in there.

The cover design is almost done.

Now, we need to find a place to put the logo. Maybe, we can put it on bottom with the titles. Perhaps, with a darker background.

Place the logo

Finally, the last step or sometimes the first step is putting in the logo. So, we have to versions. One with the logo on the left side. And, one with the logo on the right side.

First final version
Cover design with logo on the left side.
Second final version
Second version of the design cover.


So, which version do you like the best? The one with the logo on the left side? Or, the one with the logo on the right side?

Personally, we like the one with the logo on the left side.

Now, keep in mind, we did not use any fancy photos or images in this design. It is somewhat of a straight artistic design.

We plan to keep and modify the cover design. Hopefully, we will be able to share the newest version in the future.

Lastly, if you want to see more cover designs, then feel free to visit our design cover page.

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