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Contact us

All in all, you are free to contact us at any time.

And, we love to hear from our users, and what they have to say.

Information to contact us

Below, feel free to use the listed emails to reach out to us.

General inquiries

For general information and questions, send an email to

Sales questions and inquiries

For sales questions, email

Support information

We always strive to improve our customer support for our products. If you have any issues with any of our software, then please contact us at

When you send us an email, we make a huge effort to get back to you as soon as possible. In most cases, our respond time is less than 24 hours.

Send us stuff too!

So, you can send us stuff via regular mail too. Here is our mailing address:

365 West 125th Street #835
New York, NY 10027-0835

Now, you cannot top that! You get to email us and send us mail too.

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Techronology (or Tech) specializes in information technology software and tools. Moreover, Tech is highly into STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Tech was formed in 2008, in New York City. Overall, our goal is to help people create things on their own. It is all about inspiring people to create great things. If that happens, then we know we all will succeed.