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ChatGPT and Fahrenheit 451

ChatGPT and Fahrenheit 451. I finally got the chance to watch Fahrenheit 451, and noticed a correlation with ChatGPT - Techronology

So, I finally got the chance to watch the 2018 movie Fahrenheit 451, and noticed a correlation with ChatGPT. For the purpose of this article, there may be slight spoilers. Not too bad though.

The correlation between ChatGPT and Fahrenheit 451

The main correlation between ChatGPT (or CGPT) and Fahrenheit 451 (or F451) is that they are both somewhat controversial. Mainly, with information and how you are allowed to access and use it. You see, with CGPT, you can find almost any kind of information you seek. Plus, if you really get into it, you can build apps and get help with your projects.

With that said, some people may use CGPT to write college essays and modify art. That is what I hear a lot. And, it does it all in a user-friendly manner. Possibly, that opens the door for cheaters and forgers. But, ChatGPT can also make it easier to catch people who do that type of stuff. Right now, I do not have enough time to get into that.

The Fahrenheit 451 angle

On the other hand, in F451, they restrict the information you can receive. For example, they burn books and written material, which they call grafitti. They consider grafitti a crime, in the way they define the term. So, that was a major problem. Particularly, for people who wanted to read books. Unfortunately, people could not access information that freely anymore.

I guess you can say, CGPT and F451 are like opposites that do not attract. Or, maybe they do, in some cases. Believe it or not though, they both hold huge amounts of information. That is important, because you can do a lot with data.

Access to information

ChatGPT and Fahrenheit 451 - Techronology

Towards the end of the F451 movie, some very smart people found a way to put all the information and knowledge they had, into a bird that they can track. Then, they would be able to extract all that information through genetic analysis.

In addition, that bird would share some of its genetics through reproduction. Crazy, huh? Well, guess what? That bird is ChatGPT.

It is free to fly, like a bird.

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