Overview of Calendars

Currently, the two popular calendars in our collection are the Ultimate Monthly Calendar (or UMC), and the Dynamic Yearly Calendar (or DYC). They are both Excel tools.

However, before the UMC and the DYC, we worked on other calendars too. Overall, I guess you can call it our practice rounds. Unfortunately, some of these tools will not work on every computer. Most likely, that has something to do with regional settings.

The main cal tools

Below are the cal tools in our collection. Make sure you come back to see the other cals we have for you.


Calendars - The Ultimate Monthly Calendar

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The Dynamic Yearly Calendar

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The really vintage stuff

Remember, we told you, before the UMC and the DYC, we experimented with other tools. In addition, you can download the vintage stuff too. And, some of them are wideopen. Meaning, you get to see all the stuff firsthand.

The dynamic monthly calendar (or DMC)

Before the UMC, there was the DMC.

As you see, the DMC shows you all the inner workings of the cal. On the whole, we do not go into detail on this vintage app. So, just download, learn, and enjoy.

Requirements: Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.


Size: 20 kB

So, we hope you enjoy using our cals. For the most part, they are timeless. Remember, they are all open-source. Therefore, feel free to make it your own. Enjoy!

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