Artplotty Grid versus Excel

Artplotty Grid versus Excel

Excel versus Artplotty Grid.

Excel versus Artplotty Grid (or APG 21).

Introduction to Excel versus Artplotty Grid 21

So, we know it is nearly impossible to think another app can compare to Excel. But, there are some out there that do compare pretty well. However, this is more about why we created APG 21 and the influence of Excel.

Originally, when we first started the APG 21 project, we used Excel as the main vehicle for the design. Meaning, APG 21 would function directly in Excel. Overall, that is no big deal, because Excel is perhaps our favorite program. Therefore, it made sense to create APG 21 in it.

Using Excel to create APG

When we started to create APG in Excel, all we had to do was create a XY scatter chart. In this chart, we include 5 data sets. In addition, we have an area that creates the SVG code for the chart. This way, you can showcase your work almost anywhere.

The problem

APG 21 in Excel

However, the problem is, we did not want to use any code in the project in Excel. Basically, we just wanted the user to use the data sets to create their design. But, in order to save to a SVG file, they would have to do it manually. And, that was not the way to go. Overall, we always want to minimize the work of the user.

If we had to code the functionality for the SVG component, then it would force us to save it as a macro-enabled file. We did not want to do that either. Do not get us wrong, there are ways around that too.

Another issue is Excel itself. Some people do not have Excel. Therefore, if you want to create an app within an app, then you want to go all the way. APG 21 was just that important to us.

The solution

The solution for Artplotty Grid.

Since we wanted the functionality and a nice user interface, we needed to make APG 21 a standalone program. So, we made the decision to make it an Internet app. In that case, we were free to go all out with the design and backend processes.

Moreover, it allows us to easily perform updates. Unfortunately, we do not update it enough, as there are things we can improve. But, it works. Ironically, we do not have a SVG save function yet. However, you can save your work as a PNG file, which is great too.

Get APG 21

Hey, APG 21 is easy to get to. All you have to do is, click on the button below and start creating something great. We hope you enjoy it!

APG 21

Final note on Artplotty Grid

So, the good news for you is, we still have the Excel version of APG 21. We plan to put it in our vintage stuff very soon. You never know, you may want to take it to the next level.

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