Add Item to Quick Access Toolbar – Quick Tip

This quick tip shows you how to add items to quick access toolbar, QAT for short.

The QAT is available in multiple Office applications. It provides you with a way to access commands you use often. And, it is separate from the ribbon. Meaning, if you click on a different ribbon, your commands will remain the same on the QAT.

Process to Add Items to Quick Access Toolbar

Follow the steps below to add an item to the QAT. You can apply these steps across any Office app that has a QAT.

Step 1: Open Options Dialog Box for QAT
Step 1 to add item to quick access toolbar.
QAT menu.
  1. Click the last button on the QAT
  2. From the Customize QAT list, select More Commands…

Note: Your QAT may be located above the ribbon, like below.

QAT above the ribbon.
QAT above the ribbon.
Step 2: Add Item to QAT
QAT options in PowerPoint to add items to quick access toolbar.
QAT options in PowerPoint.
  1. Select a list to choose commands from. We selected All Commands. Yours may show Popular Commands.
  2. Select a command from the list on the left.
  3. Click the Add button. Your command should now show on the QAT side. As you see, you can also Remove a command from the right side.
  4. Click OK.

You can use the up and down arrow buttons on the right to position your item.


QAT with newly added command.
QAT with newly added command.

You have just added a command to your QAT.

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