Add footnote to category label in Excel – How to

Add footnote to category label in Excel – How to

In this quick tip, we show you how to add a footnote to a category label in Excel.

Also, we use Excel 2007 or higher, on a Windows PC, for this lesson. However, you can follow along on any system that has Excel.

Steps to add footnote to category label in Excel

Follow the steps below to add a footnote to a category label in Excel.

Step 1: Insert symbol inside cell of category
How to add footnote to category label in Excel.
We place our pointer at the end of the 3rd Quarter entry.
  1. So, double-click on the cell that you want to place a footnote. Also, you can click on the cell and press F2, to go into edit mode. After that, go to the end of the entry.
Partial menu, showing Insert command.
Add footnote - Partial insert menu showing Symbols command.
  1. From the menu, click Insert to show the Insert ribbon.
  2. All the way at the end of the Insert ribbon, click Symbols.
  3. In the Symbols dropdown, select Symbol.
Symbol dialog box.
  1. Under the Symbols tab, select Arial as your font.
  2. Select Latin-1 Supplement as your font subset.
  3. A small 1 should show up in the list. You may have to scroll down a little to see it. When you see the 1, 2, or 3, click on the one you want. In our case, 1.
  4. Click Insert. After you click Insert, the Cancel button changes into a Close button. Click Close.

Afterward, in order to see the footnote in the chart, you must press Enter in the cell, to return to Ready mode.


Add footnote - Success!
As a result of our work, we now have a footnote marker on one of our category labels.

So, the reason why we have to use this method is, when we change the format of text to superscript on the sheet, it does not necessarily translate on the chart.

For example, a regular superscipt like Quarter1 on the sheet, would show up as Quarter1 in the chart. Basically, the way we did it ensures that it stays as a superscript character.


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